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£9,950 plus VAT

Ref: JER55

Portable office with long windows £9,950 + VAT

  • Frame colour: Charcoal grey
    Panel colour: White
    Length: 6000 mm
    Width: 2430 mm
    Height: 2791 mm
    Forklift holes: Yes
    Roof: 70mm PU foam
    Exterior wall panel: 50mm rock wool
    Floor: 1.8mm/2.0mm PVC floor with 18mm waterproof structural board
    External doors: 920 x 2035 mm steel door (1)
    Windows: 940 x 1330 mm PVC sliding window with roller shutter (4)        Windows: 900x2100mm long length windows (4)


    This unit is in stock and available to buy now!

    We also build to order, so get in contact with us today to discuss your requirements and we will be able to design and manufacture a unit to meet your needs

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